Industrias Lorenzo S.A., bears this name from 1984; before, it used to have the name of the founder of the company, Mr. Angel Lorenzo Regidor. The company addresses all its efforts to the Design Development and Manufacture of its products and has gained a reputation within the Recreational Sector, both in the national market and abroad, destining the most part of its production to the international market.

This is possible thanks to a team of professionals and first-class technological means, which have set the grounds of this company: Quality, Reliability and Service.

The expansion developed by Industrias Lorenzo, S.A. has motivated the extension of the facilities which at present take up a surface of more than 10.000 square meters.

In this Web Page, Industrias Lorenzo S.A. shows a new catalogue which includes the last trends that obviously lead to meet the needs of its customers.

Industrias Lorenzo S.A. is a company that has been manufacturing for a long time, in constant evolution within the recreational sector.

Loyal to its ideology, which is based on accumulating experience and knowledge by incorporating the necessary human and technical resources, Industrias Lorenzo S.A. progresses continually and works to meet its main goal: offering the maximum quality. Therefore, the time and dedication has allowed the company to build itself as a company able to meet the needs of the numerous customers with its products, which happen to meet the very diverse needs as well as meeting the rigorous requirements of the world’s competitive market.

As a pioneer company, thanks to its perseverance, Industrias Lorenzo S.A. keeps on holding very proudly the name of the company’s leader; it is a wholly owned Spanish company, with an spectacular international projection.

It has been also possible to enter the foreign market by exporting our products to most countries.

In Industrias Lorenzo S.A., we address in particular to the creation of new products that progressively and successfully incorporate to the Sector and which amount to true innovations in the market. Some of them are the result of a close collaboration between our customers and our R + D development.

There is a continuous acquisition of new plant and machinery and new last generation computer systems are incorporated so that we may offer our customers the quality and services that they require and the present market require.

Industrias Lorenzo S.A., as equipped with technologically advanced means, is placed at the vanguard of research and development of new Products.

The creative drive, the knowledge of the technical applications and the follow up of the evolution of the equipment of the different industrial sectors are factors which allow the qualified technical experts of Industrias Lorenzo S.A. to innovate constantly, to study new process of manufacturing, as well as develop new products which render services of the future and are according to the future trends.

From the beginning Industrias Lorenzo S.A. has been carrying out an exhaustive control over the residual elements that are generated by the company; for this purpose the company has set out ecological management, which provides for follow-up goals and controls in accordance with the legislation in force.

In Industrias Lorenzo S.A. essential to introduce the manufacturing processes that are necessary to ensure high quality and trust worthy services, on the grounds of thorough surveys destined to offering a solution to the requirements put forward and in full accordance with safety and ecological requirements.

All the electronic products design and manufactures by Industrias Lorenzo S.A. comply with the rules 2002/95/EC.